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Unlock the active Xpress customers base by offering pickup and delivery on the Xpress App, Marketplace. Included in every partnership is Storefront:  customizable and online ordering through your site.

Or use on-demand delivery to offer delivery from your own app or site by tapping in Xpress network of Xpress Drivers


Saipan Mail Delivery

Helping our local community businesses grow

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Xpress Marketplace

Experience the power of hyperlocal connections

Introducing Xpress Marketplace, the ultimate hyperlocal marketplace platform designed for swift transactions! With Xpress Marketplace, you can connect with buyers and sellers in your local community seamlessly and efficiently.

Join Xpress Marketplace today and experience the power of hyperlocal connections. Discover a world of swift transactions, reliable sellers, and incredible opportunities right at your fingertips.

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Helping our local community businesses grow

Online Ordering

Give your customers the ability to search, filter, select, and order what they desire online - On your website, effortlessly. Customize the layout to suit your brand language.


Language is never a barrier. Communicate with your customers in the language they  prefer. Xpress Marketplace can function in multiple languages as pet your choices

Payment Gateways

Give your customers the freedom to pay through wallets and cards securely. Integrate with multiple payment gateways, keep your customers satisfied.


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